Permanent Residents of the Rescue


17 year old mare who came from Cranbury kill pen auction, she is blind in one eye.


22 year old Arabian mare daughter of a US Halter Champion Stallion. Due to cataracts she is completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. She was adopted out once before but due to her vision problems she was given back to us and is now a permanent resident of the rescue.


10 year old Haflinger mare who was used as road cart horse. We found her at the kill pen at Cranbury auctions.


15 year old mare Tennessee Walking Horse that came from a kill buyer in Pennsylvania, she suffers from chronic Lyme Disease.


18 year old American Mustang gelding that came from the kill pen. He suffers from Cushings disease.


4 year old off the track Thoroughbred racehorse who injured her leg while training. She came from Moores kill pen.


35 year old miniature donkey who arrived at the rescue from a kill buyer in Pennsylvania. She was just one breath away from death but was nursed back to life with plenty of love and patience.


7 year old Mini Horse. She serves as our mascot and attends many public awareness events, at times as a magical unicorn. She came from the AC4H Kill Buyer Program.


5 year old Mini Horse also known as "Stan the Man", that came from a Pennsylvania kill pen as a starvation case.


5 year old Mini Medicine Hat Pinto mare. She was a privately owned horse who needed to find a home and was about to go to auction when her owners fell on hard times.

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